About Nan-Yow

About Nan-Yow

Over 30 years professional manufacture factory experience.

Nan-Yow became UL certified factory.
Nan-Yow became UL certified factory.

Nan-Yow company was established in 1985, specializing in manufacture all types of electronic wire harness, cable assembly. We have more than 30 years of production experience, so that we can be able to meet with a wide range of customer needs. Our customer's products cover electronics, electrical appliances, communications, electrical, equipment, car auto parts....etc. related field.

Because of our long-term hard working and studying, "Nan-Yow" become a worthy of confidence brand, for Quality guarantee, on time delivery and reasonable price. We are always ready to give our customer satisfaction service.

Although we have 30 years of professional processing experience, we are still not satisfied with the current situation. We continue to assimilate the latest technical information on the market and continue to expand on the equipment, expecting to give our customers the best quality, reasonable price and more competitive delivery.

We also reflect on how to contribute to the environment and society in the newly plant established in Tainan Tech-Industrial Park. Therefore, in the early stages of preparation, we start from the "green energy" to plan our new plant. In August 2014, we completed the roof solar PV system set up on the rooftop.

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YearDeveloping History
1985Nan-Yow company established.
1994Moved to new plant in An-Ping.
1998Increase New Equipment : Automatic cutting machine, terminal crimping machine.
2000Pass the ISO-9001 certification.
2002Became the UL certificated wire harness factory.
2007Increase New Equipment : Full automatic terminal crimping machine.
2011Increase New Equipment : 2nd-Generation full automatic terminal crimping machine.
12. 2013Moved to new Plant in Tainan Technical-Industrial park.
2015Continually increase the full automatic terminal crimping machine.
2015Export department established.
2016Increase New Equipment : Multi-function full auto machine.
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